Apr 09



“The deepest desire of the human spirit is to be acknowledged.”  


Just look around you.  Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, whoever you are observing, one common denominator is the need to be acknowledged. When you watch almost anything on television whether they are sitcoms, dramas, movies, we see people doing almost anything to be “acknowledged”.  You’ve heard or read stories where someone showed they cared, without even realizing those few words of encouragement saved another person from ending their life.  And when you’re in almost any conversation, if you really observe closely, most people want to be positively acknowledged for something, no matter how trivial it may seem to you or others. 


In the Bible, Proverbs 3:6 says….. “In all your ways acknowledge Him (God).  Since God created us in His image and asks us to acknowledge Him… is it any surprise it is a basic need of every human being?


So……Acknowledgement.  What is it?


ACKNOWLEDGMENT: (n.)(recognition)/ acceptance/ appreciation/ tribute


Recall an event in your own life where someone acknowledged and positively affirmed you.  Who was that person?  What did they say that made a difference in your life?  How did you feel?  


“I had a science teacher in middle school who inspired me….simply because she acknowledged me and made me feel that what I had to offer was worthy.”


I remember some very significant times in my life where people I looked up to said, “And yes…you have the gift…you can do it!”  Those words have spurred me on to prove them right.  It has been said by many…. “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”  And I add… what better way than positively acknowledging them for who they are.


My challenge to you today is….tell someone how much you appreciate them. Be specific and sincere….then step back and see the positive effect it has on that person.  You may never know the domino effect that one positive affirmation can have. 


Until we meet again….take care & God bless.  SDG




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  1. Eydie Stumpf

    Hi Betsy — this post put a smile on my face. Three things in two days —-

    1. I always admire how other people look. I suppose I’m always envious of their slender figures (as mine is not), the clothes they can wear, the way their hair flows so perfectly (even when they look as if they’ve just rolled out of bed. LOL)

    Anyway last night I was out with some girlfriends for dinner and karaoke, when one woman stopped me to ask where I had purchased my top. I was so flattered. She said she had been staring at me wearing it — WOW – someone was watching ME, and wanting what I had on? I appreciated that because it made me feel, for once, that I was being envied.

    Then, again last night, a woman came up to me and told me she loved my hair and asked where I got it cut. Another WOW!

    Both ladies made me feel wonderful about my choice. It was an affirmation, of sorts, for me.

    2. Today I went to Home Depot for some mulch. I purchased 10 bags – and goodness knows who much they weighed. More than I could pick up. Anyway, one of the workers helped me with the bags, and put them into the bed of my truck. We carried on a nice conversation – he was quite pleasant. When I told him to wait for his tip, he said, “Thanks, but no need.” I thanked him and told him that I appreciated him. He looked at me as if no one had ever said that to him before – then he smiled. I do think that I made a difference in his day today.

    Thanks for your post, Betsy!

    Eydie :)

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