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You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.

Harper Lee




So …let us consider things from a FRONTAL LEFT PRIORITIZER’S point of view.  Why are they naturally logical, brief, decisive, and to the point….with the main priority…. to achieve and “get the job done”?   It really has to do with the way they are wired.




Back in 1994, when we lived in Simi Valley  I saw one of the best examples of a FRONTAL LEFT PRIORITIZER directing a group.  I had just picked up Andrew, our son, from school.  We headed to the shopping center to do some errands.  As we drove into the huge parking lot, we saw an unusual sight….. a group of women walking up and down the aisles of cars obviously looking for something.  


Curiosity got the best of me and Andrew…so we got out of the car and walked over.  There they were…a group of mom’s, just like me, surrounding a very sweet, petite, gentle, elderly lady who could not find her gold Cadillac.  The lady said she had come out of the store and it was gone.  She was afraid someone had stolen her car.  Of course, we all wanted to help her.


Slide03 As the spontaneous Female Good Samaritan Club was being formed, consisting of 8 mothers and their children, a natural leader emerged.  She was definitely a FRONTAL LEFT PRIORITIZER who took it upon herself to direct this newly formed association.  We actually were turning this adventure into a party…having fun getting to know each other in the process.  But thus far, since we weren’t having much success finding the car,  our unspoken leader made a decision to turn us into a more efficient army.   That’s when she said, “You two look in this section.  You two over there….and you 4 come with me and we’ll look at that upper parking lot.”   What struck me as funny is she didn’t ask….she told us what to do….and we all happily obeyed.  It would have been appropriate to salute.



(Just to let you know, we finally got the phone number of the sweet little lady’s husband and called him.   In the meantime, Security came.…and lo and behold, we found out from the phone call that the lady had driven their other car….NOT the Cadillac.  When her husband arrived, he told us she had the beginnings of Alzheimer’s ….and sadly this had happened before. )  





But we accomplished our goal with help of the PRIORITIZER who made sure we got the job done.   So….what made this lady naturally step in and tell us what to do?  


In this blog we are going to look at things from the perspective of the WHY FACTOR.







When you look at the RIGHT and LEFT hemispheres ….it is well established that the LEFT side primarily processes our words, numbers, and time….very analytical, logical, and rational.  (In contrast….there are no words, numbers, or time processed on the RIGHT.   The right side mainly processes in pictures, patterns, and trends.) 






Looking even closer….

“….in the LEFT HEMISPHERE of the brain, there is a sort of neural loop that is involved both in understanding and in producing spoken language. At the frontal end of this loop lies Broca’s area, which is usually associated with the production of language, or language outputs . At the other end, lies Wernicke’s area, which is associated with the processing of words that we hear being spoken, or language inputs.





“Obviously, the highest type of efficiency is that which can utilize existing material to the best advantage.”

Jawaharial Nehru

When we look at how our bodies are marvelously and wondrously created, it is amazing to see“efficiency” as an underlying factor throughout all our physiology down to the minutest atom at our cellular level.  Thus…. when we look at the left side of the brain where the language is primarily processed, the moment a thought  comes to mind, the FRONTAL LEFT can seize the words needed, “efficiently”.   It’s all right there!!!


In contrast…. it’s a TWO-STEP process for the RIGHT hemisphere, especially the ENVISIONER.  STEP NUMBER ONE….initially, their thoughts start off in pictures.  Then –>STEP NUMBER TWO… they travel across to the left hemisphere to search for the most accurate words to describe what they “see” –> (On top of that, they tend to think out loud while processing their thoughts.)  

To read more about the Envisioner, go to: http://www.betsyjabola.com/say-what-taking-a-look-at-brain-languages-part-2-the-envisioner/ 


BRAIN-4 QUADRANTS for blog #4



Because of the quick access to words, FRONTAL LEFT PRIORITIZERS tend to speak in a very clear, concise, crisp style, which sometimes can be misunderstood as sharp, pointed, and abrupt, when in all likelihood, they are reflecting how their brain naturally processes….quick and to the point.   This can be a potential source of misunderstanding.






Today, I understand why the lady in the the shopping mall parking lot innately took over and directed the incident.   Understanding the WHY FACTOR can alleviate a lot of potential misunderstanding.





So next time you are in group…..especially where a lot of people are interacting, watch for the PRIORITIZERS who have the innate gift of rising to the top….walking into a room, seeing what needs to be done, taking over, and directing others to get “the job” done.  When you understand the WHY FACTORS, it can turn into an intriguing game, with the challenge of identifying and watching the different processing styles in action.


I leave you with these questions:


1.) Is there a story you can tell about someone who is a natural leader…. good at directing the rest of us?


2.) Does understanding the WHY FACTOR, their processing style, change your perception of who they are?


3.) If so….how?


Sure would love to hear from you.


In the next blog, we’ll look at two more reasons why FRONTAL LEFTS are very goal oriented and direct.   It’s intriguing.  Until then, take care and God bless.  SDG.


*(The model and terms PRIORITIZING, MAINTAINING, ENVISIONING, HARMONIZING used with permission from Dr. Arlene Taylor.)




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  1. Myra

    Hi Betsy, thanks for the post! As I turn over in my mind what you have written, I think of a friend (maybe former friend now,) of mind who is an artist, which would make her a right brainer for sure, like myself. However, she is also an Emmy Award winning Casting Director. So, when she has to play the role of Casting Director, that is what she does in no uncertain terms! She bosses every one that she can around and her voice even changes to a loud authoritarian, “you do it or else,” type of voice tone, like it did yesterday morning when I telephoned her, even though I had been up for two days without sleep, because of a project I am working on that needed to be completed. And as nice as I could, asked how she was coming along with the letter of recommendation, she had promised to write on my behalf. I could hear it in her voice of what was coming and took a deep breath, she said, she was traveling i.e. working and that she is willing to talk on the phone to whomever wants the letter of reference about me. She also said that in her current state of mind, whatever she would write would have negative vibes on it. I smiled to myself, and thought here is a supposedly very spiritual being, saying all this to me, and changing what she had said a couple of weeks ago to me and trying to “direct ” me to have prospective employers “call her” while she is traveling and/working and not in a good mood! (Oh No, I thought to myself!) Hmmmm, thank goodness for the other people in my life who quickly, without reservation had written me the nicest, sincerest letters of recommendations and that now, I really could see the casting director’s left brain personality coming through and that I will never ask her again for a letter of recommendation, and hopefully, not work on any future projects with her. Come to think of it, in all of the past projects she played the role of “director & did very little, just was bossy!” On some of those projects, I was the Assistant Director to the Director of a local Well Being clinic, and it was me, doing most of the work for both of them, i.e. calling & scheduling clients, follow-up, passing out flyers for the clinic etc.etc.

    In the past, I did enjoy working with the Casting Director, and another friend, an MD who was in charge (just another “director!”), but now, I really have more insight into the games people play, and I will put more time and energy into my own projects while I still have time on this planet!, Thanks Betsy, for inadvertently “empowering me!”

    What , I would like to see you address/explore is that, there may be times when the synergy of a situation occurs and leaders) rise up who on their own (without others to boss around), may be right brainers creating their own art. The key word is synergy, and when the “opportunity presents itself, they switch in their brains into very dominating bossy people. As for me, I can consciously choose to play along or to opt out.

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